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The Domotel Chain

Welcome to Domotel Hotels & Resorts

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We are a chain of boutique and lifestyle hotels. Each property has individual characteristics portraying a unique concept based on their distinct facilities that make them stand out. Architecture, art, history, culture wellness and lifestyle all blend in with each hotel’s locality. We manage 4 and 5 star city hotels and resorts all around Greece, providing exceptional services and amenities for both business and leisure.

At Domotel Hotels & Resorts, we are proud to offer an array of choices to meet and exceed satisfaction beyond expectation.
Our guests enjoy friendly personalized services and facilities with our devoted Team of skilled professionals while our superb facilities combine to create a memorable experience that make you feel special and pampered.

Domotel Hotels & Resorts are located in the best and well- known and distinctive destinations in Greece:

  • Athens, Attica - Domotel Kastri
  • Thessaloniki - Domotel Olympia
  • Volos, Thessaly - Domotel Xenia Volos
  • Karditsa, Thessaly - Domotel Arni
  • Sivota, Epirus- Domotel Agios Nikolaos
  • Paleos Agios Athanasios (Mount Vorras/ Kaimaktsalan), Macedonia - Domotel Neve
  • Arachova, Viotia - Domotel Anemolia